Billions for Women

Billions for Women

Supporting the growth of women and minority businesses through access to procurement and capital

Billions For Women

An initiative supported by a coalition of organizations and influencers to help grow opportunities for women by providing access to procurement opportunities and capital. The two most important things to the sustainability and growth of businesses are revenue and cash flow. We would like to streamline the access and process for both. Our goal is a billion dollars of procurement commitments from corporations and lending to surpass venture capital.

Corporate Partners Commit Procurement Spend

Many large companies serve as leaders by pledging to support female-led companies for their procurement needs. Yet Diana Capital Partners often hears that these corporations are challenged by finding vendors that can meet both their mandate and volume. We have created a platform where vetted firms can be matched to RFPs, allowing corporations to easily support their mission while gaining access to competitive goods and services.

Provide Capital to Women Founded/Lead Businesses

Diana Capital Partners is looking to provide purchase order financing. These capital investments are designed to allow our borrowers to achieve new levels of growth and competitiveness, while improving margins and competitive advantage.

Diana Capital Partners

Diana Capital Partners (DCP) is a business development company that lends to female founded and/or led entities while providing a platform for corporations to achieve their goals of supporting diverse partners. DCP strives to maximize the benefits to all stakeholders, from investors to end users. DCP provides capital to growth companies with strong fundamentals, pairs their products and services with corporate demand, and delivers competitive returns to investors, while leveraging bleeding edge technologies to drive efficiencies. 

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